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Amigos Bike Blessing

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sunday April 21, The Amigos Bike Blessing went very well.  Blessed with sunshine, as usual in Sequim, a good turnout, and some great chow. Some of those that rode were: Combat Vets Intern. Amigo Robert, Pres. and the Amigo Chapter,  Bill Summers with Brothers for Christ, C.M.A., Christian Crusaders, hang arounds, and friends.  We all met at Seven Cedars Casino, with  Amigo Robert and the Amigo's leading the pack.  Someone held up the departure time a bit, for a last minute pit stop. Mmm, wonder just who that was? ?  After a short ride we arrived at Lance's.  Amigo "Preacher" blessed bikes.  The BBQ, and trimmings were way above average, with some fantastic beans.  Effortlessly  ( seemed )  prepared by Hosts Lance and Traci.  Bump had just returned from the Walla Walla run, and was a bit tired. Clamman rode his trike, and loaned his Road King to yours truly; Thanks Clamman!   Amigo Robert thanked everyone for attending. We left the BBQ, and went back to the rain and clouds. LOVE that Sequim! 



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